Sunday, March 6, 2011

On Life Without Call, or, On Mistakes, or, I Miss You Guys

Left Coast, 3/2010

I have not been on call for almost a week now, and it has been amazing. I have been to four concerts in the last week with some awesome people. I have read most of an absolutely incredible novel. And I have rediscovered how much I miss my cycling team. Also, do you know how important chamois cream is when cycling? I knew this once; I know it again now. Unfortunately, I did not on Friday. The fifty-miler is not sitting so well.* While riding solo is still fun, I really miss my R4 buddies and our sweet, custom-chalked routes. Even the ones from Roshan and Jess out of Dateland. Oops.

Right Coast, 5/2010

*Pun so intended. Who doesn't use chamois cream? Seriously, how stupid can I be?

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