Monday, September 29, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why It's Cool To Be Marginalized, or, Woe Unto the . . . Gullible?

It becomes so easy to screw with people when you're part of a marginally acceptable group. For whatever reason, I was eating a donut during a meeting this morning. With a spoon. A friend of mine was next to me, and thought it awful strange.

I told him that Mormons believe that eating things with our hands makes the food dirty, allowing Satan to take control of our bodies.




Of course this kind of thing is always followed with, "You know I'm joking, right?" I'm sure my friends are just trying to be polite to the religious nut-jobs, and I know it's not nice to take advantage of that, but it sure is a lot of fun screwing with people.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Going to Hell?, or, Dating, or, What are you up to this weekend?

To quote a recent friend,
"Isn't it fun that we are at the point in our lives that everyone is scared for our eternal salvation so they try to hook us up with everyone they know! Cuz you know that when we hit thirty we are doomed, right? [. . .] But you, I'm afraid are a bit should work on that before you burn!"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Serious and slightly depressing, or, Life in general

So, I have no idea how to handle a certain situation I have been facing weekly, if not daily. This morning's ride in the elevator up to my hospital floor illustrates perfectly, I believe.

Entering the elevator with only a few other people, I smile at the 50-60 yr old woman, holding two cups of coffee. Saying hello, I ask, "How are you?"

Turns out that trivialities like that, when wearing a white coat, are not taken as such. The woman replied, "Well, they're taking my grand-daughter off of everything today, and they're just going to let her go."


What do you do? I mean, what in the world is there to do?


I said, "Oh, I'm so sorry." and I was.

I felt bad for her and her family.

I also felt bad that I'd asked the question, and I also felt bad that I was wearing the white coat.

Why the animosity towards the white coat? Not only because it is the fomite from hell, but because it made her want to share about the little baby, who was about to die.

And "they" were the ones doing it.

And "they" wear white coats too.

Just like me.


On a related note, is there a good way to walk out of a dieing person's room and say, "Have a good day"?

I realize this is disjointed. I should rework this instead of posting it immediately. But I'd rather not dwell on this anymore than I already have. I'll attempt humor again in the next post.