Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why It's Cool To Be Marginalized, or, Woe Unto the . . . Gullible?

It becomes so easy to screw with people when you're part of a marginally acceptable group. For whatever reason, I was eating a donut during a meeting this morning. With a spoon. A friend of mine was next to me, and thought it awful strange.

I told him that Mormons believe that eating things with our hands makes the food dirty, allowing Satan to take control of our bodies.




Of course this kind of thing is always followed with, "You know I'm joking, right?" I'm sure my friends are just trying to be polite to the religious nut-jobs, and I know it's not nice to take advantage of that, but it sure is a lot of fun screwing with people.

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Ann-Marie said...

Why did you have to bring up donuts...of all things, why donuts? I am in true need of one tonight. BADLY. I watched a segment on the FOOD network about them today, and I've been in a bad mood since!

Oh, and poor guy. Or, poor future mormon who eats a donut normally and this guy doesn't know if he's "sinning" or not!