Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What better way to start?

As this is my blog's seminal post, after much prayer and deliberation, I decided that I would start with a post that is very dear to my heart. I should also qualify this by saying that this is not original material, but that the idea was, in fact, originally that of my friend Matt Broadbent's brother. I am in your debt, Dave.

Now, recognize, I am not a lawyer or a devotee of logic, but it seems to me that by this youg man's argument, God doesn't like BYU all that much. Or they weren't living right before they met Tulsa or UCLA. Forgive the blasphemy, on at least two levels, but it would seem He favors the University of Michigan Wolverines above all, as they are the most "winningest" team in D1A football, though honorable mentions should go out to other "righteous" teams, due at least in part to the devoted, prayerful cheering of fans for teams such as The Ohio State University Buckeyes, the Florida Gators, the Texas Longhorns, etc.

And where was He Who Is Mighty To Save all those decades and decades that BYU just plain sucked?

Man, I love football. I can't stand a lot of the fans (and a few players), but that's a whole different subject. Only one more week and bowling, though, I suppose.


And I guess there is at least one TDS fan I can't say I hate:


Ann-Marie said...

This is a super cute picture of Ian and you!!! :) Do you have more?

merilee said...

I love this pic. Can't wait to see you.

mallorybmeteer@hotmail.com said...

That is a cute picture. I like that your nephew is willing to stick with his guns even if his cool uncle hates BYU. I look forward to reading more of your blogging. Have a great Christmas.

Adam and Tiffany said...


Still funny as ever my friend.