Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My nephew is cuter than your nephew

I already have four nephews that all appear to be in the 99th percentile as to talent, good-looks, and charm (no surprises, obviously). The oldest two, Ian (9) and Ty (7) I would pair up against any other set for all-out toughness. Cage matches are definitely in their future. But anyway, as my younger sister is in the hospital right now waiting to deliver (she is not in labor yet, so I am not really being insensitive saying "waiting," am I?) her first boy, Hugh, I thought this an excellent chance to say, "Holy crap, I've got a cute nephew coming."

He's a little small. He will be about 3 weeks early, and is only 4.5 lbs right now. I'll update that after the birth, but Hugh Geoffrey Wood will fit right in with the other nephews in all the categories discussed above I am sure. And he's got Kirton-sized feet; I am sure he will kick the soccer ball pretty well, too.

Incidentally, I am somewhat familiar with ultrasonography, both in theory and having performed a few scans myself, but I was blown away by these pictures taken a week ago. As Ann-Marie said, you almost expect to see what color his eyes are, though they are shut here.


Sayaka said...
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Sayaka said...

Congratulations Mr. Uncle. Your niece would be very lucky to acquire your good looks. In March I will become an aunt for the first time and as attractive as your little girl will probably be, I do have to say that mine will most definitely be even more so.

Ann-Marie said...

It's a good thing he's living up to our expectations. He gained 5 ounces in 5 days. So what percentage would that be? Yep...I think he's pretty much amazing!