Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I Love My Friends, or, Puns are Awesome

I was reminded tonight of how much I like some of my friends. I had the following conversation the other night. I bet you can't tell which one is me and which is my friend.

We're going to Fast & Furious tonight at 740.
You’re not serious.

I’m fast and serious.

Hope I’m wrong and it’s awesome. I just don’t see how that’s possible without Sam Jackson, snakes, and mother effing planes.

Dude, it’s the fourth movie of a series that should never have started. You know it’s gonna be awesomely bad. What have you got going tonight that could compete?

Anything could compete.

Not true and deep down you know it.

But I’m living pretty superficially right now, so deep down doesn’t matter.

Here’s a chance for change

If I’ve learned one thing from the Republican party, it’s that Obama has shown that change is both impossible and dangerous.


Amy Buff said...

This is a fanstastic conversation. You had me at "fast and serious"

The Shaner said...

This conversation sounds strangely familiar....

For the record the movie was actually made by an entirely different producer/director than the 2nd and 3rd and is the true sequel to "The Fast and Furiuos". I'll be honest its no academy award winner but its quite entertaining...if you've ever been into cars/drag racing.

peetie said...

Those details are beside the point, my good man. I could have used any sub-standard movie out there; the fact that my friend and I could've switched places with each other in all parts of this conversation (except for my being willing to go to F&F expecting a good movie) was what I thought so awesome.

merilee said...

I am so glad to hear that you went to a bad movie expecting a good one. I'm laughing becuase you always make fun of me for loving bad movies. NO EXPECTATIONS is the best way to go.

peetie said...

I didn't want to give it away, but I'm the other friend. The one who didn't make the awesome pun. But that also means I didn't pay money to see such a film. Sorry, dear sister, I'm going to continue the mockery of your and David's poor movie taste. Because I love you.