Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Simple Rules, or, Medicial Theory, or, Eww

1. Assume nothing. Every priest has syphilis until proven otherwise.
2. Believe nothing. Your patients will lie to you for who knows what reason.
3. Read like hell. And never stop.

These were passed along on rounds Friday afternoon. They rang true to me. But as someone with an insider's view of medicine, I'm curious, though, how are these perceived by the non-medical world?

As the same instructor pointed out, patients value their physician for, 1st, Availability, 2nd Affability, and a very distant 3rd, their Ability. Conversely, physicians judge other physicians in basically the reverse order. The ability to properly diagnose and then treat is far more important than friendliness in the care of a patient. While I agree bedside manner is important, I think I agree with my instructor here, too. Again, I ask the same question: which doctor would you want - the available, friendly one; or the smart one who figures out the disease and treats it properly?

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