Sunday, July 19, 2009

On Awesmeness, or, (Possible) Best Music Ever

This is an attempt to list what I consider the ultimate music in several different categories. Clearly, this is my opinion, and limited at that to the few categories below. As always, I'd be interested in your own lists, or the critiques you have of mine.


Baroque: Bach’s Air on G String. I realize most would put Pachelbel’s Canon in D here, and it is a beautiful piece. I was torn and almost put Bach’s “Little” Fugue in G minor for Organ here instead, but the simple elegance of the wining piece made the difference.

Classical Piano: Beethoveen’s Waldestein Piano Sonata; this may be the greatest piece of solo music ever written. I will stand by that statement. I will even put it on my blog.

Romantic Orchestral: Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto with close second place tie Romeo and Juliet vs 1812 Overture. I do like most of the Russian composers. So angry and passionate.

Rock: Pearl Jam’s Better Man. My friends scoff at me for this. One asked, repeatedly, when I told her we were listening to this song if I meant Dave Mathews. She is not my friend anymore.

Alternative: The Decemberists The Crane Wife 3. Practically perfect.

Opening: Nirvana’s Smell’s Like Teen Spirit vs Guns ‘n’ Roses Sweet Child o’ Mine

Bluegrass: Nicklecreek Ode To A Butterfly

Country: Johnny Cash I Walk The Line – but his covers, notably on American IV & V albums, with such songs as the remake of NIN’s Hurt (absolutely unbelievable) and God’s Gunna Cut You Down, are some of the best songs I’ve ever heard. That’s right. Ever.

Punk-ish: The Get Up Kids Mass Pike

This band was my staple for about five or six years, until a few years after they broke up. I missed their show in SLC during their alleged last tour during college, and I still cry myself to sleep about it. The fungus growing in my pillow from the constant damp is really starting to cause problems, too. And they’re coming to town at the Newport 11/8 of this year. So tell all your friends, and come to the sweet show.

Hardcore: Taking Back Sunday There is no “I” in Team. This song just makes me want to explode. It’s awesome.

New Country: Toby Keith, Beer for my Horses. This surprised me. I don’t really like Toby Keith’s newer music, but since Willie Nelson sang in this song, too, it really mellowed Toby out. “New Country” is such a broad genre, too, that to pick a single artist that can represent Chris LeDoux and Alabama as well as Brad Paisley and The Dixie Chicks just does not seem possible. I think this song works well in that sense, a melding of the older, more traditional backbone of the genre with the newer, more popular style as well. Incidentally, the music video for this song is one of the most laughable things I have ever seen. Probably a close second to the Journey music videos I used as research for my mullet.

Bluegrass/Country: Alison Krauss & Union Station’s Forget About It. For some reason I really love the drum in this song. This song probably stands second only to the last song on my list, and not far behind.

The Beatles Blackbird. What is there to say? The song is perfect.

Clearly, this list is flawed as Neil Diamond, Journey, Led Zepplin, and the Greatful Dead are all absent, but, I suppose you could write your own list. And tell me your favorites.


Michelle! said...

The similarity was uncanny! Remember when you sang "Ring of Fire?" at Karoke and all the tipsy patrons went wild? That was one of my favorites of 2009.

peetie said...

Your flattery almost gains your welcome back into friendship. Almost. What else can you bring to the table?