Thursday, March 25, 2010

Soo Last Week, or, I Matched!

I was on the news. Or my class was on the news. You might not know, but we're kind of a big deal.

I wish I could embed the video on that page, but I'm not that savvy. The main reason is that I would like to ask one question: who in the world writes for these TV newscasters? They should all be fired. I mean, take the opening line of that story: "It's called medicine's own March Madness." Really? Who calls it that? Not only is that not factual, it's not even catchy.

In other news, I'm headed *gasp* back to Utah. I will spend the next three years as a Family Medicine resident at McKay-Dee hospital in Ogden, though I do plan to live in the SLC.

In other, other news, I leave to start my bike ride in less than 36 hours. Not that I'm stressed. Wish me luck.

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