Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Up-Coming Life

1 07/07/2008 Surgery Core
2 09/02/2008 Pediatrics Core
3 11/03/2008 Ambulatory Care Clerkship Selective
4 12/01/2008 Ambulatory Care Clerkship Family Medicine
5 01/05/2009 Internal Medicine Core
6 03/02/2009 Obstetrics and Gynecology
7 05/04/2009 Psychiatry Core
8 06/01/2009 Neuroscience Core

This is my schedule for the next year. We got to choose them to a limited degree (ie the order, but even there we didn't get tons of control), I couldn't get too stressed out about this like many of my classmates have. I think it'll work out - it's the same classes, just in a different order. I guess Surgery first is a bit of a baptism by fire, though.


Ann-Marie said...

I'm glad you're not too stressed. It has to be exciting to finally have more patient interaction. What is Ambulatory Care? Do you get to choose your rotations or are they assigned to you?

So exciting, I'll have to show Geo.

Oh, and why do you have me type in those random letters...does it keep your blog safer?

Amy Buff said...

Um... Yikes! But I'm stoked for you Bryce-Poo for sure! Just wanted to side note your crazy schedule with a lil Amy love and I laughed at your Gin n Juice post, so thanks!