Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Dad Taught Me To Share, or, Birthdays Are Special in My Family

I have fond memories from my childhood of my brother wrapping up birthday presents in a dirty t-shirt from his bedroom floor, or of my father eating the ice-cream from a new carton and being sure that the next person who opened it would find a completely smooth layer of ice-cream, seemingly fresh from the store, except that it was an inch below the rim.

Now, while I was happy to get this bag of truffles in a box from my folks for my birthday, I did find one thing absolutely hilarious.
It was already opened. Thanks for saving me the work, Pop.


Ann-Marie said...

So I laughed right out loud. Did he REALLY eat a few?

peetie said...

Well, I didn't count them or weigh the contents, but the package was definitely open. You remember living with him. He couldn't see a chocolate anything and not "sample" it.

Do you remember the Andes mints someone gave me when I was in the hospital (not knowing I don't like them)? He ate the whole box in about 45 minutes. That was a funny night.

Adam and Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Bryce.

I think your dad did pretty well with that gift....if I sent you that you definitely would have only receive half an uneaten bag (at most). What can I say, Lindt is great!

peetie said...

Thanks man. We've got to have a BBQ or something when I come back to UT in June.

And I appreciate that he left me some. I really do.

Adam and Tiffany said...

Hey....you're out in Ohio right?

You planning on going to the Utah/Michigan game? I'm just waiting to find a good airfare to Detroit.

peetie said...

Tickets are reserved in my name. That was the first thing I tried to figure out with our upcoming rotation schedule - whether or not I'd be "on call" on a Saturday. God smiled on me and that's the weekend between two rotations, so I'll be there - eating bratwursts and spewing mild obscenities about the chastity of Ann Arbor. Anyone else coming you know of?