Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We've Never Lost a Fireside!, or, Going Bowling, or, GO UTES!

Poor taste?

Add salt. Makes it better.


a.t.a said...

Poor taste?

More like "no taste" since I couldn't taste anything in my mouth because I laughed so hard my tongue went numb.

Go Utes!!!!

Are you going to go to the 'yet-to-be-determined' bowl game?

peetie said...

It's a horrible situation. If we go to the Sugar Bowl I'm there. I convinced my parents that it would be a wonderful Christmas trip for us, and it's during my break. If it's the Fiesta, I'm back already. I checked into it, and was told that even for my "family reunion" in AZ I wouldn't be able to get that day off. But I think the Utes are better matched against Alabama in the Sugar than they are against Texas in Fiesta. Of course it seems more and more likely that the Fiesta will pick the Utes b/c they don't want to see Ohio State play Texas (again).

You'll be there either way, I presume?

The Playin' Lakins said...

That was absolutely hilarious!!!
I love the hilarious things you post . . . keep it comin' and GO UTES!