Friday, December 5, 2008

Crack Cocaine, Marijuana, and Jazz Music, or, Family Practice = TV Time Out, or, People Are Crazy

I'm at a Family Medicine clinic this month, which means my hours are, as my friend Matthew would put it, sweet. Which means I started a new TV show that someone recommended a long time ago. It's a little Canadian show called Corner Gas. I haven't seen enough to give it my own endorsement, but the opening was probably the best I've ever seen. Judge for yourself.

And they have a Wallflowers song during the title sequence.

Sweet. Except . . . I thought Canadians were supposed to be all nice and polite and stuff . . .

Also, I found a couple of new comic sites to add to my Google Reader. A Softer World is awesome. They are consistently hilarious, if you are a bad person. Another which is usually pretty funny is Married To The Sea. The other day their comic reminded me of some of our patients.

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