Monday, January 18, 2010

Best TV Intros of the Time Period, or, I Have Too Much Time On My Hands

First impressions and introductions are funny things. We judge people by them, and ignore later contrary evidence. Of course, this isn't just with people. We judge albums by their cover-art. I remember not buying the first book in a series for several years because the cover was too dorky looking. It later turned out to be my favorite book saga to date.

TV is no different really. Some shows have awesome intros, some have crappy ones. Think of that happy, care-free tune during the intro to The Office. You can hear it now, and if you’re like me, you are starting to laugh a little. I think I have been classically conditioned to expect funniness is coming when I hear that ditty. (We won’t speak of the past season or two).

Other intros channel awe, or wonder. Think of the LOST intro. That ethereal sound as the word spins across the screen combined with the narrow depth of field giving a blurry focus to it and the lack of anything else just seems to add to the questions surrounding the show.

Or there’s this intro, for Dexter, a show about your everyday-average-likeable-serial-killer-next-door. Somehow this just hits the spot between creepy and relatable.

My personal favorite introduction comes from a show that I actually do not enjoy all that much anymore, Rescue Me. But the music, the lighting, and the speed just work so well that it becomes, well, incredible.

However, the award for Best TV Show Intro has got to go to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. The beautiful pastoral scene with its accompanying relaxing and melodious music makes one think of a hypnotist at work, and forms a stark contrast to the insanity of the show’s characters.

Of course, I have neglected many other great TV intros. What are some of your favorites?


mallory said...

Those are all great intros. I remember loving Twin Peaks. The music is so amazing. The best intro when I was younger was Saved by the Bell. I love intros with a song that I know. I always felt so cool singing along to Saved by the Bell or The Fresh Prince. It just got me ready to watch a great show.

peetie said...

Oh yeah, those two are great. I think I could sing along to both, and the wacky 80s neon coloring in both of them is classic but so quality too.

Speaking of comedy, it seems like the Scrubs intro is pretty great, too. Maybe it's just b/c I can identify with that show a little more, but the backwards chest x-ray, the song, "I'm No Superman," and the running around action of the hospital really works.

RNAi said...

I like to dance around when the Office intro starts. I really like the intro to Big Bang theory.